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Deep Tissue Massage

Concentrating on the deeper layers of muscle tissue a deep tissue massage aims to relieve chronic patterns of tension throughout the body.

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Relieve pain and stress at Nova Clinic with a deep tissue massage 

Nova Clinic London aims to make our clients feel welcome and listened to, before providing them with a deep tissue massage tailored exactly to their needs. Deep tissue massage relieves muscular pain by going deeper into layers of muscles and the connective tissue, called fascia. It is a staple massage therapy for sufferers of chronic back pain or for those in high-stress environments. And with its numerous health benefits - including increased lymphatic circulation and significant pain & stress relief - it's no surprise why. 

What to expect from a deep tissue massage at Nova Clinic At Nova Clinic

Our qualified massage therapists go above and beyond to listen to our clients. At the beginning of the massage, our therapists will enquire about the source(s) of pain. This might be an old sports injury, or unresolved aches and pains from the wear and tear of everyday life. Even if clients don't have a specific injury, our massage therapists often identify and treat sore spots which could lead to future pain if left untreated. Once the initial consultation is over, the massage therapist will focus on the specific ailments mentioned, as well as giving an overall deep tissue massage to leave clients feeling immensely relaxed.  

Benefits of deep tissue massage 

Not only does deep tissue massage relieve built-up tension and alleviate pain, it also has profound benefits for long-term health. For instance, deep tissue massage can vastly improve blood circulation and helps to remove toxins that have accumulated in the muscles over a longer period of time. This can promote lower blood pressure, greater flexibility and break down scar tissue in the body.   

Get in touch today for more information Nova Clinic is ideally located in the leafy borough of Greenwich, London, right in the bustling village of Greenwich itself. Locals can drop in to get a free consultation from our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Alternatively, give Nova Clinic a call on 020 8293 1070, so that we can discuss the benefits of a deep tissue massage for you.

 Deep Tissue Massage Prices

Type of Treatment

30 minutes

Single Treatment

£ 50

Course of 3

£ 127

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We’re just a couple of steps away from Cutty Sark DLR Station, and 7 mins walk from Greenwich National Rail services. 

Public parking spaces are available in the Cutty Sark Gardens, close to M&S.

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