Pregnancy Massage

The ultimate treat for mum to be, relieving the aches and pains of pregnancy and promoting a sense of relaxation and well being. This therapeutic massage is suitable for any pregnant woman past the first trimester.

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Relax with a pregnancy massage at Nova Clinic 

Nova Clinic London understands that, as wonderful as pregnancy is, the changes in the body will invariably lead to increased tension on muscles and emotional strain. It's understandable that the body undergoes different hormonal and muscular changes throughout pregnancy. Nova Clinic has therefore adapted specific healing massage techniques to reduce these symptoms in order to leave the client feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 

How it works 

At Nova Clinic, our qualified massage therapists go above and beyond to listen to you during this exciting time of life. As the baby develops, very common muscular pains build up in the lower back and legs - especially the thighs and calves. Our trained therapists will focus on these pressure points, to alleviate common aches and pains. They will also combine extremely soothing essential oils to ensure relaxation and emotional healing. Clients will leave feeling detoxed and immensely relaxed, but also significantly healthier for days to come. 

Benefits of pregnancy massage 

Pregnancy can be tumultuous for specific muscle groups in the back and legs, as well as emotionally. This means that women who themselves used to sleep like babies suddenly struggle to get a restful night. A pregnancy massage soothes aching muscles, which improves blood circulation and removes toxins that have accumulated in the body. This type of massage also drastically relieves emotional tension - thereby reducing any pregnancy insomnia. It also helps to reduce swelling in the hands, ankles and feet, as well as lessening any pregnancy-related sciatic pain. 

It is well-known that a happy mum means a happy baby. Pamper yourself today with Nova Clinic's pregnancy massage to relax and soothe those aching muscles. Nova Clinic is situated in the beautiful town of Greenwich, London, which is just a short train ride away from London Bridge and Charing Cross.

 Pregnancy Massage Prices

Type of Treatment

30 minutes
60 minutes

Single Treatment

£ 40
£ 70

Course of 3

£ 102
£ 178

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