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Remove stubborn fat without surgery or downtime with Nova’s Lipofreeze. Fat is destroyed in a single, safe and comfortable procedure, for noticeably slimmer results.

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Nova’s LipoFreeze is an effective non-invasive method of body contouring, delivering inch loss and visible results with no pain or down time. Nova LipoFreeze uses advanced technology to break down localised fat cells through a cooling process known as cryogenic lipolysis.

The LipoFreeze works best on people close to a health weight range, with fatty deposits in stubborn areas.  LipoFreeze is not a weight loss treatment, but the results for inch loss are undeniable. Unlike many other body sculpting treatments LipoFreeze does not require a repeat treatment programme, the process is so effective that results are seen after a single treatment.* 

Where does LipoFreeze work? 

LipoFreeze is suitable for stubborn pockets of fat anywhere on the body however the most commonly treated areas are: 

How does LipoFreeze work? 

LipoFreeze harnesses the safe, tested method of cryogenic lipolysis. Cryogenic lipolysis takes advantage of the fact that fat cells are significantly more vulnerable to the cold than muscle, skin and other surrounding tissues. When fat cells are exposed to cold for a prolonged period they crystallise and die. LipoFreeze provides a safe and controlled method of subjecting fat cells to cold, whilst protecting the skin from any damage. After the fat cells have been destroyed by the cold the body’s own waste removal process will eliminate these cells, leading to volume reduction in the treated area. 

What does the LipoFreeze procedure involve? 

At your complimentary consultation you will be given a body analysis and assessed for suitability. Based on your details and assessment, our expert practitioner will advise where best to apply LipoFreeze for maximum effect. 

The LipoFreeze wand is applied over a film of conductive gel and the fatty tissue is sucked into the wand and cooled to a temperature destructive for fat cells but safe for surrounding tissues and skin.  The treatment lasts 45 minutes, and during this time you can relax and enjoy the comforting surroundings of our treatment room. 

How does LipoFreeze feel? 

The sensation of the suction applied to the area can feel strange however it is not described as painful. Within minutes after the cooling begins the area becomes numb, meaning the rest of the treatment is very comfortable and without unpleasant sensation.  Your practitioner will remain on hand throughout treatment to ensure your comfort and adjust settings where necessary. 

What happens after treatment? 

Following treatment the area will feel extremely cold to touch, may have some superficial bruising and can feel numb. The sensations usually subside within an hour or two and any bruising is usually gone within days.  

There is no downtime, meaning you can return to usual activities immediately after treatment without discomfort or negative effect.  

Our practitioners recommend drinking plenty of water in the days following to help your body expel the damaged fat. 

What results can be expected from LipoFreeze? 

Typically results show around 20-40% fat reduction in the treated area. Clinical trials demonstrate inch loss visible within two to three weeks of treatment, with the full result apparent 8 – 10 weeks post treatment.  

LipoFreeze can be taken as a treatment alone or can be paired with LPG Lipomassage for enhanced, faster results. 

We offer excellent packages for multiple areas and when combing the LipoFreeze with Lipomassage, for faster more dramatic results.

*Treatment results may vary from person to person

LipoFreeze Prices

Type of Treatment

2 X LipoFreeze + 6 LPG Lipomassage
2 X LipoFreeze + 12 LPG Lipomassage
1 Area: Upper or Lower Abdomen / Upper or Lower Back
2 Areas: Sides / Love Handles / Inner or Outer Thighs / Upper Arms

1 Area

£ 150
£ 700
£ 1,000

2 Areas

£ 300
£ 900
£ 1,200

3 Areas

£ 400
£ 1,100
£ 1,400

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