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Laser Facials

Ultra high tech facials designed to work beneath the surface to promote skin tightening and collagen building. Laser facials are an advanced regenerative treatment for a variety of skin concerns.

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A celebrity favourite for glowing dewy skin, laser facials are an advanced, effective treatment to close pores, deep clean, and stimulate renewal from beneath. 

The power of laser can be harnessed to treat a range of skin conditions and improve the tone and texture of the skin, leading to revitalised more youthful looking complexion. Laser can also be applied to tightening and lift skin, providing a safe non invasive alternative to surgical face lifting. 

When applied at a specific wavelength the laser can vaporise damage and bacteria beneath to the skin, through the transmission of thermal energy.  

As an advanced rejuvenation treatment these facials are literally the hottest thing in skin innovation! 

Who is suitable for Laser Facials? 

Laser skin treatments are effective in treating any of the following:

  1. Scarred, pitted, acne scarred skin 
  2. Fine lines and wrinkles 
  3. Dull sagging skin 
  4. Brown spots and uneven pigmentation 
  5. Blemishes and acne 

Due to the wavelengths used in skin treatment we can only treat skin types 1-3, however we have many alternative options for darker skin types. 

How do Laser Facials work? 

Laser, applied to the skin through many short pulses, has a warming and antioxidising effect on the surface and through the skin layers. The heat causes a safe amount of trauma underneath the surface of the skin, which stimulates the skin to rebuild and repair.  This process is known as photo-rejuvenation.  

Through triggering repair in the skin the laser can work on healing scars, fine lines, loss of collagen and sagging skin. Furthermore the heat applied through the laser beam has an antibacterial effect, tackling the route causes of acne and preventing future breakouts. 

How does the Laser Facials feel?

After the skin is cleansed with a bespoke exfoliating cleanser, the laser is applied to the skin through many quick "shots". These range in sensation depending on the treatment used, from a gently building warmth to a slightly hotter pricking feel.  

What happens after treatment? 

Following treatment the skin will appear smoothing, clearer and with shrunken pores, and many people will experience slight red flushing skin. The redness settles quickly for some skin treatments but can take up to 24 hours following more intense treatments used for skin tightening. 

Your aesthetician will apply SPF and advise continued use following treatment. 

Results are immediate for those looking for a glow and pore closing. Deeper concerns such as wrinkles, sagging skin and pigmentation, will see an improvement in the weeks following laser treatment, with further treatments sometimes required.

Laser Facial Prices

Laser Facials

Laser Facial
Laser Facial + Tightening

Single Treatment

£ 95
£ 140

Course of 3

£ 228
£ 336

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